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Artificial Paintings announces the winner of the Scholarship Contest, where the contestants were to share their opinions on what impact technology and artificial intelligence have on the art industry.

Dozens of students and soon-to-be-students from different parts of the world submitted their short essays, and the Artificial Paintings team thoroughly read each and every one of them. Choosing the best essay was tough, but the winner’s name is finally revealed.

If you are not familiar with Artificial Paintings, it’s an online art gallery exhibiting and selling AI-created artwork. It was founded by a group of enthusiasts who have been able to implement modern technology into art by creating paintings with the help of artificial intelligence. If you think that art and science don’t go together, you should definitely look at all these masterpieces generated by an AI algorithm. Art by AI keeps gaining more and more recognition, attracting art connoisseurs, and becoming more valuable with time.

Returning to the subject of the contest, Artificial Paintings has received applications from all over the US: from New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, to Arizona, Utah, and California, with the largest number of essays received from Pennsylvania.

All essays were sent from different universities. The list of schools whose students decided to participate in the competition includes Columbia University, University of Oklahoma, Texas State University, UCCS, and many others. One of the contestants from Maine will even be attending a university in Scotland. The rules of the Scholarship Contest did not limit the participants by their place of residence, so a few essays were submitted from Kenya and Uganda as well.

And the winner is… Lauren Cicillian from Purdue University, Indiana, US! Without a doubt, this was a very well-deserved victory. The annual scholarship of $500 has been successfully transferred and received by Ms. Cicillian, and the winner’s essay will be posted on the Artificial Paintings website soon.

Helen Solonsky, Artificial Paintings’ co-founder: “Many thanks to all the participants who took part in our first scholarship contest! We’ll be launching more exciting events and competitions with bigger contest prizes — stay tuned and follow us on social media: Instagram (@Artificial_Paintings) or Twitter (@ArtificialNFT).

We would also like to thank every school that has shared the information about the Artificial Paintings Scholarship Contest on its website, giving an even greater number of students a chance to participate in the competition.”

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