Artificial Paintings Sold More Than 80% of 3D AI Artworks Put on Binance NFT

Artificial Paintings
2 min readOct 19, 2021


Artificial Paintings has reached new heights by having sold 43 out of 53 abstract AI paintings with 3D elements as non-fungible tokens.


Artificial Paintings specializes in producing one-of-a-kind works of generative art created by a specially trained AI model. Founded only in 2020, the company has already sold several hundreds of AI-generated masterpieces, the quality and artistic merit of which was acclaimed both by aspiring collectors and experienced art lovers.

The collection ArtificialPaintings 3D by AI has initially contained 53 pieces of art; currently, it has only 10 paintings left that are still available for purchase. As the exploited AI model continues to evolve and learn new techniques, Artificial Paintings plans to enrich the collection by adding more unique AI-generated artworks supplemented by terrific 3D components. Every new painting results from the latest phase of training that the AI model has just completed. One can view all the artworks from the collection here.

Artificial Paintings actively pursues the conceptually new art direction known as AI Video Art. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates and be the first to learn when fresh AI video art collections are about to be launched. You can follow Artificial Paintings on Twitter (@ArtificialNFT), Instagram (@Artificial_Paintings), or Discord ( More fantastic art projects, paintings, and technological experiments are on their way.

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Alex Solonsky

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Artificial Paintings

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