Artificial Paintings Has Announced a Scholarship Contest for AI Enthusiasts

Artificial Paintings
2 min readOct 19, 2021

Fri, October 15, 2021, 5:30 PM

Artificial Paintings offers a unique opportunity for everyone who has a creative mind and a passion for artificial intelligence. All eligible participants are welcome to share their point of view about the digitalization of art employing AI technology and will have a real chance to win the annual scholarship of $500.

Artificial Paintings is a company founded by a team of genuine art lovers who are eager to introduce an innovative artistic approach by training the AI model to create stunning works of art. The AI-generated artworks take the best from different creative directions and art styles, mixing them and turning the digital paintings into brand-new masterpieces of the future.

As computer science rapidly evolves, thousands of novel designs and fine arts continue to emerge. Modern IT devices have almost replaced traditional tools used by an artist — a canvas, a brush, paints, and eventually, the creative mindset, which was before attributed only to humans.

The collaboration between the world of art and technology has inspired Artificial Paintings to launch an unusual contest to allow those interested in the subject to share their ideas and express themselves through writing a short essay on the topic “The influence of technology and artificial intelligence on the art industry.

The participants are only required to be older than 18 years; other criteria such as the country of residence or the educational status shall not limit or affect the contestants in any way. Those who make up their minds to join the contest should write a short essay (500–1,000 words) in which they are to share their thoughts on the new subfield of artificial intelligence known as “computational creativity.” The contestants are granted a unique chance to monetize their personal opinion and become a part of a great project.

To apply for the scholarship, a participant must express their personal attitude regarding the digitalization of art through artificial intelligence and explain how it can assist human creativity. Once the essay is written, it should be submitted to; the email must contain the phrase “AI scholarship contest” in the subject. The participants should also provide their contact information and personal data, such as their name and surname.

Learn more about the event on the contest’s official page (the application process details, the deadline, etc.) You can follow Artificial Paintings on Twitter (@ArtificialNFT), Instagram (@Artificial_Paintings), or Discord ( for more exciting news from the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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