Artificial Paintings created by Artificial intelligence

Artificial Paintings is a hub for selling magnificent artworks produced by artificial intelligence. Such creativity driven by modern technology can generate splendid abstract paintings. We have used over 10,000 artworks of famous artists in the machine learning process for our AI model to achieve the most stunning results. Yet, every painting is wholly unique and unlike any other existing artwork. This algorithm aims to depict the human experience on every canvas.

Due to COVID-19, we currently only sell jpeg files. Our clients can conveniently print a picture on canvas at their local printing house. When purchasing a painting, the buyer receives a set of jpeg files: 1 original file and 2 files enlarged by another AI algorithm, 1 of which is ideal for printing purposes.

Crafted in the RGB color range, these paintings are best to use digitally but will look equally impressive when printed on canvas. At a fair cost, buyers earn exclusive rights to the artwork and may use it for any purpose. You get more than your money’s worth.”

We have already secured the first buyers. Our vibrant community, filled with fellow artists and art collectors, has been growing daily on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With our project, we are contributing to the expansion of GAN, which is now at the start of development and will gain enormous popularity in the near future.