Artificial Paintings by AI Shifts to Vector Art

Artificial Paintings
2 min readOct 12, 2021


Tech company Artificial Paintings, which generates AI-driven digital art, now offers its clients vector images, which allow buyers to have a high-quality printed version of an NFT.

Artificial Paintings struggled to find a solution that would allow printing AI-generated images without a loss of quality. Besides the resolution, the company also aimed to make high-quality printing possible regardless of the image format. After numerous experiments, Artificial Paintings has found a solution: vector art, which can be printed on any surface, including canvas, with outstanding resolution. The crucial factor, however, is that the method always ensures decent image quality, delivering the desired results for all clients.

With the shift to vector art, when buying an NFT (, every user receives an original image in an SVG vector graphics format and all the rights for its usage. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the most popular vector graphics format. There are several reasons for popularity. Firstly, such files are sharable on the Internet via the majority of widely-used browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Secondly, basic text editors and graphics editors like Adobe Illustrator support the SVG format, allowing users to work with the images easily in almost any application regardless of the purpose. Thirdly, vector art is often used in video games and virtual worlds and enables developers of all kinds to enhance their creations without devoting extra time and human resources for image design.

Artificial Paintings is a tech company that has trained AI-driven algorithms to generate pieces of digital art. The software studied more than 10,000 artworks of famous artists all over the world to work out unique graphic patterns. Artificial Paintings has recently started to sell its digital paintings as NFT and partnered with major marketplaces. In the future, it plans to reach more clients by expanding its connections with niche marketplaces.

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Alex Solonsky

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Artificial Paintings

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